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Do you wish to dive deep into a luxurious stay? Then you have to look for the luxurious hotel run by Rakesh Rajdev.

Rakesh is the name of success and generosity in society. He is a successful businessman and an active social worker in the nation. He is a businessman with a golden heart and he has now set his sights on the hospitality industry too.

He has brought a new blend of entrepreneurship and compassion. His latest and big project is the establishment of a luxurious hotel in the city of Batumi, Georgia in collaboration with the hotel chain Marriott. This is the leading name in the hospitality industry.

This is the new five-star hotel which was opened recently to offer great services to the customers. With a magnificent structure of marble and glass, the hotel promises to offer the customers the finest stay along with luxury and comfort.

The moment they step into the hotel, the customers will find that there is a great atmosphere of elegance and luxury. The extravagant pieces of furniture, wonderful décor and warm hospitality will offer the commitment offered to the guests.

Thanks to Rakesh Rajdev who has arranged for this good hospitality for the guests. The hotel is well-designed which grabs the attention of many people since it is well-detailed, spacious and well-appointed. Also, you can find the best dining area that will offer you a space to have peaceful and good food.

rakesh rajdev

What Is Special About the Rooms Available in the Hotel?

When we book a hotel, all we consider is the facilities available in the hotel and the room. Here the rooms are luxurious. Each one has a private haven of style and comfort. The guests who book the room here can take a good rest on the best beds available here which are surrounded by soft linens and plush pillows.

Also, here we can find high-speed internet and LED televisions to have a great time. Even if you have some works to be completed, you can connect to the Wi-Fi and complete it at your ease. Every room is also equipped with state-of-the-art amenities which makes it the perfect place for relaxing and recharging after a long day exploring different places in the city.

It is Rakesh Rajdev’s pledge who provides all the guests with the utmost comfort and room facilities that will make them comfortable and happy throughout their stay. Since there are different types of rooms available in the hotel such as suites, guest rooms and many more, based on your requirement you can look for the best room that will suit you.

For those who look for the best dining place, you can find that the in-house restaurant available at the hotel is the best place to start or end your day. Apart from the wonderful interior, there are other dining options available in the hotel run by Rakesh Rajdev that will make the customers happy. Thus, you can start your day with utmost comfort with delicious foods here.

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The new 5-star hotel, a magnificent edifice of marble and glass, promises to offer its guests the finest in luxury and comfort.

Operated under a license agreement from Marriott International, Inc.

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